Dee is a fighter, a survivor. For over nine years she has been fighting cancer, the side effects of her treatment leaving her in a wheelchair and a shut-in for the last two years. She has had to give up her passion of horseback riding and biking. However, thanks to the dedication of her partner, Dee is back out on the road on a “Nippi” trike he overhauled for her.

T-Bags had the opportunity to help Dee and get her back out into the world. “I received a very touching e-mail from Jools, Dee’s partner, telling us her story. They have been able to scrape together the funds to buy, overhaul and insure her trike and were looking for some support from the biker community,” says David Komoroski, Brand Manager for T-Bags. “They were specifically looking for a way for Dee to take her dog, Moomin, with them to charity events on her “Nippi.”

T-Bags helped out by donating one of their popular Pet Carriers – among some other useful T-Bags luggage - to Dee so that Moomin could ride along with her. Jools created a special carrier mount for the carrier that fit Dee’s “Nippi” and they have already tested it out with great success.

“Dee and Jools sent us the picture of her and Moomin at one of the charity events. To see the smile on her face at being able to get back out into the world and bring her dog with her? That was a very satisfying feeling,” says Komoroski.